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9 promising blockchain use cases in healthcare industry

9 promising blockchain use cases in healthcare industry

The use of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry has the potential to revolutionize the way medical records are managed, medical research is conducted and patient care is delivered. Here are nine promising use cases for blockchain in healthcare.

Medical record management

Medical records can be safely stored and managed using blockchain, improving accessibility for patients and healthcare professionals. Patients’ ability to control access to their medical records enhances security and privacy. One example is MedRec, a blockchain-based system for managing medical information created by MIT researchers.

Clinical trials

By offering a transparent and immutable trial data record, blockchain can increase clinical trials’ transparency and integrity. The Clinical Trials Reporting and Results (CTRR) platform is one example of a platform using blockchain to store clinical trial data.

The CTRR platform is a blockchain-based platform developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in collaboration with other companies, including IBM. The use of blockchain makes it easier for researchers and regulators to access and verify trial data, improving the quality and reliability of clinical trial results.

Prescription drug traceability

Blockchain technology can trace prescription medications from the point of manufacture to the final customer, lowering the chance that fake medicines will enter the supply chain. An example is a blockchain-based network called MediLedger, which tracks the flow of prescription medications.

Supply chain management 

Blockchain adoption can increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chain management in the healthcare sector, making it more straightforward to follow the flow of medical supplies and equipment. A blockchain-based supply chain management system utilized in the pharmaceutical industry is VeChain, for example.

Medical device management

Blockchain technology can safely manage medical device data, including usage statistics and upkeep logs, enhancing patient safety and lowering the…

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