Thursday, 30 March 2023

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8 simple steps to multiple weekly winners

8 simple steps to multiple weekly winners

Cointelegraph Markets Pro gives members access to multiple strategies for finding weekly crypto winners.

This article outlines how to use two overlooked indicators that, based on historical data, have been able to alert traders to massive potential price increases. These indicators can also be indispensable tools for asset discovery.

When these indicators are abnormally high, they warrant a closer look at the featured assets to investigate the reasons behind the abnormal volume dynamics.

Before diving in, it’s important to understand this point: Cointelegraph Markets Pro is made up of multiple, real-time, AI-driven indicators, that provide members multiple opportunities to get into select assets before — or just as — their prices take off.

These indicators can be used individually or in tandem to make informed trading decisions. And that’s why, every week, members can look forward to finding winning alerts.

The trading strategy discussed below relies on these two often-neglected metrics:

The Unusual Twitter Volume Indicator
The Unusual Trading Volume Indicator

Below are eight simple steps to follow for this trading strategy:

Step 1: Go to the scanner and sort by Positive Tweets Sentiment.

Step 2: Look for assets with a 60% or higher Positive Tweets Sentiment.

Make sure to customize the scanner view first, so the Positive Tweets Sentiment can be seen. Then click to add the Positive Tweets Sentiment column to the view:

The Positive Tweets Sentiment, by the way, is the percentage of positive tweets about a cryptocurrency over the last 24 hours. The higher the better, but the target is at minimum a 40% – 60% increase.

Step 3: Look for assets with a minimum of 200 – 400 tweets over the last 24 hours.

Ignore all high-sentiment tokens with very few tweets because these assets are likely giving a false positive. The higher the number of tweets, the more likely that something positive is happening with the asset’s price.

Step 4: Find assets with Tweet Volume that are 50% or more above average.

Tweet vs Avg measures how much tweet volume an asset has today versus its 30-day moving average, so a value of 50% means that an asset’s tweet volume is 50% higher today than it is on an average day.

This indicates a significant and unusual increase in tweet volume. Such an increase tells us that something is going on with this asset, tipping members off to a potential breakout of its price.

To investigate these signals, one should verify the alerts by following the next…

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