Thursday, 23 March 2023

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How to Properly Dual Mine KAS + ZIL With the Rigel 1.3.4 Nvidia GPU Miner

How to Properly Dual Mine KAS + ZIL With the Rigel 1.3.4 Nvidia GPU Miner


The Rigel Nvidia GPU miner is a newcomer among the mining software solutions for GPU miners and more specifically for Nvidia GPU mining rig operators, but it is doing quite well in terms of competing with other older and more established and widely used miners. It does not support that many algorithms, but it is quickly introducing support for ones that are gaining a lot of user attention and the performance is really good. Not to mention that the miner comes with a nice text-based terminal user interface, is quite easy to use and comes with the right number of features including full overclocking set for the GPUs.

The Rigel miner also supports dual mining with Zilliqa (ZIL) as a means to further increase mining profitability as this dual-mining mode supports not only ethash and ethash, but any single or even dual algorithm combination + ZIL. Triple mining is supported for ethash + kheavyhash + zil and etchash + kheavyhash + zil, but that one is not actually that interesting of a mode compared to the dual-mining any algorithm with ZIL. The reason for that is due to the way ZIL is being mined – just a very short period of time every two hours, so essentially you retain the full hashrate of the main algorithm for mining the rest of the time and the extra profit from the mined ZIL is not something to miss.

In the last few versions ZIL mining was broken apparently, though the latest update of Rigel 1.3.4 brings it back working properly, so we are going to do a quick overview on how you can dual-mine Kaspa (KAS) with Zilliqa (ZIL), so that you can maximize your profit and get more than just single mining KAS. Now, Kaspa (KAS) and its kheavyhash algorithm is GPU-intensive, so you can optimize performance with a significant reduction in power usage compared to the normal settings for your video card. On the other end however you have Zilliqa (ZIL) that is a memory-intensive algorithm that just like Ethereum or any other Ethash-based crypto coin like ETC that is still mineable doesn’t need a lot of GPU power, but can benefit from maximum clock of the video memory.

So, how to combine these two seemingly opposite algorithms for dual-mining while getting optimal performance mining both? This is what we are going to take a look at now with the below example for dual-mining KAS + ZIL on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU, followed by explanation what and why is being used like that (the example is for windows, but the same settings should…

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