Thursday, 2 February 2023

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The NEXA Crypto Project is Attracting the Attention of more Crypto Miners

The NEXA Crypto Project is Attracting the Attention of more Crypto Miners


Just two weeks ago we have shared an interesting statistics based on the users of the widely used Hive OS Linux Mining OS that has shown the rapid increase of miners going to Kaspa (KAS) and now we are seeing the newcomer NEXA as well. So, in the last two weeks ETC miners have dropped 2% down to 24%, KAS is remaining strong at 12% and keeps its second place, even though there is a 2% drop these as well. RavenCoin (RVN) is still number three keepings its 9%, and the newcomer NEXA is fourth (wasn’t in the top 10 two weeks ago) with 6% pushing down ERG to the fifth place and the rest of the chart of the top coins remains pretty much the same. What this means is that NEXA has attracted some ETC and some KAS miners as well as some miners of other coins in order to secure its 6% which is half of what KAS has and 1/4 of what ETC still has as a share.

It is no wonder that NEXA is gaining the attention of more miners thanks to being a relatively new project and its higher profitability compared to other crypto projects that can be mined. It will be interesting to see how things will progress in the next few weeks and how it will fare compared to other minable coins that have a higher percentage of miners. It is especially interesting to note that there isn’t a change in the percentage of the RVN considering that just recently video cards with 4GB of video memory are no longer capable of mining the coins due to the DAG size reaching close to 4GB. The recent development of more mining software to support Dual-mining and Triple-mining of not only Ethash/ETChash coins together with Zilliqa (ZIL) such as KAS + ZIL or NEXA + ZIL might also help in drawing more users away from ETC GPU mining thanks to further increasing the profitability of mining KAS or NEXA over their standalone mining only.

Take a look at the full Hive OS network statistics for more insights…

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