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Amber Vittoria crushes it in her ‘Big Girl Pants’ – Cointelegraph Magazine

Amber Vittoria

Artist name: Amber Vittoria
Location: Los Angeles
Date minted first NFT: March 1, 2021
Which blockchains? Ethereum, Tezos


Before she even turned 30, Amber Vittoria had made a significant splash in the traditional art world with gigs with Gucci, Google, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, L’Oréal Paris, Meta, Snapchat, VaynerMedia and The New York Times,

Hailing from New York City but now living in Los Angeles, Vittoria studied graphic design at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.

Amber Vittoria Source: Supplied

“I think I always knew I wanted to be a fine artist and work for myself at one point but knew that graphic design would help me get there,” she says. 

Vittoria is also the author of a recent book about poetry, painting and womanhood called These Are My Big Girl Pants, and her various creative talents saw her cited on Forbes 30 Under 30 — Art & Style in 2020. 

She only minted her first NFT on March 1, 2021, after learning about them through her husband and some of his friends. “I remember thinking this is so difficult to mint. It’s $500!” she says. 

With multiple collections now on Ethereum and a collaboration on Tezos, Vittoria is helping lay the path for traditional artists transitioning into NFT land. Vittoria has collaborated on NFT collections, including The Hundreds, World of Women and Some Place, as well as a recent collaboration with notable NFT podcast host, Carly Reilly via the project “Overpriced Gin.” She was also appointed MoonPay’s inaugural artist in residence, a program supporting emerging female, non-binary and underrepresented artists in the NFT space. Her work has notched up 1,350 ETH in secondary sales on OpenSea alone, although Vittoria’s royalty is only 10% of that.

She says the traditional art world has been hesitant to fully embrace NFTs.

“Folks that are hesitant about NFTs, I think, are just so used to the status quo on how art lives within our world and within our society, and change sometimes can be scary. But I think, in this case, the transparency that the blockchain adds to the world of art, I think, is a good thing long term.” 

Notable sales:

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